DX Dual USB Solar Powered Battery Charger 232365

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This is a rather cheap, but handy little battery pack I picked up from Deal Extreme. The capacity is stated as around 10,000mAh, though it's likely a bit lower - I've had a good two to three charges of an iPhone 5 from this device.

The built-in solar panel is around 1.5 watts (300mA @ 5v) so it's going to take 27 hours of full sunshine to fully charge the built-in battery. With the best will in the world it's going to take around 4 days to charge this from flat to full, so you should think of the built-in panel as a way to ensure the battery stays topped up when not in use rather than anything else!

The supplied cable has three different outputs, meaning it's a good little compact cable you can probably cover all bases with - works for charging the device as well as charging other items. The cable didn't last too long though and split after a few months of usage.

The most current I've seen is 1amp from the 1amp port and around 1.35amp from the 2.1 amp port. Even allowing for the inaccuracies of my USB power tester I'd say it's a little under-spec, but still, plenty to give an iPhone or iPad a jolt of charge.


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